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Earlier this year I went through a massive period of reflection on my own personal contribution towards environment and climate causes. Switching to renewable energy, attempting (not successfully) to cut down on plastic etc. 

Amidst the unprecedented chaos of 2020, my daily walks developed an even deeper appreciation of my the wellbeing benefits of nature and with news pouring in from friends, colleagues and newsfeeds around the globe of forest and bush fires, floods, permafrost melting all alongside a feeling that time available for me to actually do something was ticking by too quickly.

In July 2020 I was honoured to be offered a place on the board of trustees of the International Tree Foundation and I have been overwhelmed by how this small team with the support of volunteers, partner organisations, communities in Africa and the UK are working extremely hard to effect real change. They work every day to:

  • Plant trees and restore forests
  • Strengthen community and ecosystem resilience, and
  • Provide sustainable fuel, food and medicine for households and markets.

And they make the greatest difference by supporting emerging community-based groups to grow and become independent forest conservation organisations. With a strong focus on the women in these communities. Find out more at .

I’ve been thinking about how I can personally support their fundraising activities and at the same time encourage people to continue to get outdoors into nature as the weather starts to turn towards winter.

The challenge...

So i’m challenging myself to post a photo of me and a tree every day until I hit £1000 and am also challenging others to join in by starting the campaign #hugatree3. Asking people to:

  • Take a photo of themselves and a tree (or just a tree they love) then
  • Donate just £3 to the International Tree Foundation - the cost of a coffee. But of course more generous donations will have an even greater impact. And then finally...
  • Nominate 3 other people to do the same!

You can follow my tree hugging story along at

And share your tree-hugging shots using #hugatree3.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this wonderful charity.


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