International Tree Foundation

International Tree Foundation

About us

International Tree Foundation works with communities in Africa and the UK to carry out sustainable community forestry projects which protect, regenerate and cultivate trees and forests to conserve habitats rich in biodiversity and to enhance human and environmental well-being.

Our vision is a world where trees and forests flourish and where their vital role in supporting planetary and human well-being is valued and nurtured.


Our 20 Million Trees for Kenya's Forests campaign is working with community groups and local NGOs to restore Kenya's highland forests and support sustainable livelihoods for rural communities. 

As part of our UK Community Tree planting, we support projects including community orchard and native woodland planting, in Oxford and the surrounding counties.

Through the Sustainable Community Forestry programme we support small-scale projects through grassroots community-based organisations in sub-Saharan Africa. These projects enable communities to conserve and restore forest resources and to improve nutrition, food security and livelihoods through sustainable agriculture and resource management.



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